Jitter Clicking Test- How to Jitter click?

Jitter clicking is an advanced technique of regular clicking in which you use your hand’s vibration in a controlled way and move it to fingers that allows you to click faster, usually double your usual speed.

How to Jitter Clicking?


Jitter clicking is a gaming technique that allows users to click more precisely and quickly than other users while playing games like PUBG and Minecraft in which the use of a mouse is more. Jitter click improves the speed of the player to click on the mouse and increases the efficiency of the player while playing games.


To perform the jitter click test you should hold the mouse softly and keep your mouse below the hand and try to use your palm to move the mouse. Then stiffen your hand muscles which will cause your finger to vibrate faster. With practice, one can increase his speed and get efficiency in using the mouse and can get more clicks per second on the mouse. You can check your click speed by using a cps test (click per second) which tests your finger’s speed on the mouse and how fast you can click on a mouse. It can also increase your speed to click on the mouse and allows you to click faster with practice.

Is jitter clicking dangerous?

Yes, Jitter clicking is usually bad for one’s health because of friction between your joints and using the hand in a specific position. It can be dangerous if you’re clicking at a speed of more than 8 CPS and crossing the limit of continuous clicks for more than 15-30 seconds. Jitter can damage your fingers, arm, wrist, or hand. There are two more dangerous types of clicking: Butterfly clicking and Drag clicking, which are even more dangerous than jitter. It can be very dangerous for your health if you want to increase the clicking speed to become a pro player. It can cause two very complicated diseases: Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Medical Complications Due to Jitter Clicking


This disease may occur when the tissue between the joints is affected. When you give continued vibration and friction to your hands, the tissue between the joints may break, and severe inflammation may result.

Is jitter clicking dangerous

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may occur when you continue to apply pressure to the median nerve (lower end of the palm), which causes numbness and weakness in your hands.

Is jitter clicking dangerous

Medical complications can be avoided by using these jitter practices:

  • Jitter-clicking can be safe if you’re practicing with a clicking speed of 4-6 CPS, not clinking over 20 seconds, and you practice a few times a day.
  • Try to click the mouse button with the vibration of your muscles and arms, and not with the movement of your fingers.
  • Try using two fingers, index and middle finger, or index and thumb. The clicking technique will remain the same, so make sure to mouse click with the vibration of your muscles and arm, not with your fingers.
  • Try not to use your pinky and keep it away from the mouse. It will increase your clinking speed as well as accuracy.
  • If you just give a pause and use it only when you need to perform more clicks then it’s not gonna create any health problems.


What is the World Record fastest CPS in jitter clicking?

The fastest CPS in jitter clicking is 14 clicks per second. Newbies can also mouse-click 14 CPS with proper practice.

What is the average CPS in jitter click?

The average clicking speed in jitter clicking is 9 clicks per second, which is a good speed if you’re a new payer.

Is jitter clicking bad for your health?

Yes, jitter clicking can be bad for your physical health if you use it for a long period of time. It can cause pain in the hand. It can hurt your arms, hands, and fingers if you are not careful while using the jitter clicking technique.

Is jitter click allowed in Hypixel?

Yes, jitter click is allowed in Hypixel. Until you don’t use any banned techniques or modifications to get more CPS. If you use an auto clicker, then you can be banned because such techniques are unhuman and because auto clickers get constant clicks per second without dropping.

Can jitter clicking break your mouse?

Yes, it can hurt your mouse. While jitter clicking, you should be very careful with your mouse, because carelessness can break your mouse. If you’re using a gaming mouse, then your mouse life duration will be long and it will be easy to jitter click. If you press the mouse button too hard, it will break your gaming mouse too, and as you know, gaming mice are very expensive to get.

Does jitter click harm your hand?

Yes, jitter clicking can be dangerous for your physical health. It can hurt your arms, hands, and fingers if you use this technique for a long time.