How can I get faster Click per Second?

If you want to become a professional in gaming then you should have a faster click per second. Especially when it comes to games like Minecraft and first-person shooting games like call of duty. You get a high number of clicks per second speed with time and practice. The more you practice the more clicks you can click per second.

To get faster clicks a gamer can use some techniques like butterfly click and jitter click. It provides faster clicks per second and gamers can increase their clicks per second speed more than the usual speed. For example, if the click per second speed of a beginner gamer is 7 clicks per second then he or she can increase their speed up to 12 to 14 clicks per second after using some techniques. The gamer will more practice these techniques the more professional he will be, and they will be able to click fast.

Techniques to get faster click per second

There are some techniques and strategies to increase cps speed and with practice and focus one can achieve high clicking speeds in a low time. And once a gamer has a high number of cps speed then he will have a high chance of winning the game because he will be able to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. These are some ways to increase mouse cps.

Using Gaming Mouse:

                                          The easiest way to increase a mouse cps is by using a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is defined in such a way to support high numbers of cps (click per second) speed and it’s more sustainable and easier to use while gaming. As gamers cannot use ordinary or office mice to perform high numbers of clicks because of the mouse shape. The gaming mouse comes with a specific shape and is defined in such a way that it will provide flexibility to the user’s hand while using it. Its surface is smooth and it’s not easily got moisture, which produces friction between the surface of mouse and hand skin. It increases the number of clicks automatically.

Using Clicking Techniques:

                                                     There are several clicking techniques available that increase the number of clicks, after using them. Some of these clicks are butterfly click and jitter click. These techniques are proved to be helpful for gamers, in a game like Minecraft where gamers need high cps. These techniques come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Where they give you a high clicking speed and on the other hand, they can also be bad for physical health. Because using your hand in a fixed position for a long duration can cause hand injuries.

Using CPS Tester:

                                   CPS tester lets you know about your current clicking speed. You can practice on cpstester with different time variations which are 1,3,5,10 and 15 seconds. You can improve your clicking speed as much as you can. The more you’ll practice the more you’ll get better at clicking fast on the mouse.

Hand Positions:

                                 Gamers should use specific hand positions to hold the mouse and do not apply pressure on the mouse. They should use the friction between their skin and mouse surface when performing clicks, by this they will be able to click more. One should also relax muscles, avoid using the mouse for a long period, and should give a pause after some time to relax the hand muscles.

Practicing Faster Click per Second:

                                 Gamers can improve their clicks speed by practising their clicks on the cps test, which will tell the user their number of clicks in a time. The user will be able to click fast with time, the more user will practice the more accuracy he will get. He will also get professional behavior in gaming.

How fast you can click to check your click speed score?

If you want to become a professional in gaming, especially when it comes to shooting games like Minecraft. Where you depend a lot on the mouse and you have to click as fast as you can, then your cps (click per second) speed matters a lot. There are many techniques by which you can increase your cps (click per second) speed but it takes time and practice. The more you’ll practice the more cps speed you’ll get.

If you are a pro gamer then 16 cps is good and it will be considered the highest number of clicks per second. While beginner gamers can manage lower than 6 clicks per second. You can click 16 times or more than it is high speed which is required a lot of experience and practice to get to this level. You can start with different time variations like 10 seconds. Then after practicing on it a gamer can change it to 6 seconds and then comes the 1 second time variation. Which is pro level and the real speed of a gamer is tested on 1 second time variation.  You should manage a good internet speed so you’ll get exact results. You should use a comfortable mouse that will provide an easy grip on your hand.

How can I increase my mouse CPS?

You have to relax your hand muscles. Try to click as fast as you can so that you’ll get the right result that will tell you how fast you can click. The gamer should be relaxed and focus on hand movement. Transfer all movement to fingers to click as fast he can, by this gamer will be able to click fast.

To know how fast you can click, you can take the cps test which is also known as a click per the second test. In which you click as fast as you can in a set time and then results tell you how many times you have clicked in a set time. You can change the variation of time and can set it according to you, and can test your speed. You can increase your speed by practicing on it and the results will let you know about your current progress.

How many click per second is fast?

CPS (click per second) speed depends on where are you clicking. Whether you’re using a gaming mouse or an ordinary office mouse or you’re clicking on a mobile touch screen, it can depend on the device you use.

Clicks Of Gaming Mouse:

The maximum number of clicks a gamer can click in seconds is 16 clicks per second. It requires you to have an advanced gaming mouse which provides you extra space for your hand while using it to click. Because gaming mouse is already defined in a specific way to support high numbers of clicks. The texture of its surface is dry and it’s not easily moisture which provides more friction. Gamers use that friction to click faster.

Clicks On Office Mouse:

If gamers use the ordinary office mouse which is easily available then clicks per second will be 5 or 6 which is very low cps as compared to gaming level. The gamer will find it difficult to get high numbers of clicks because office mice are not defined in such a way to support high clicks rates. If we use them for high numbers of clicks then it decreases mouse lifetime.

Using Techniques:

Gamers can increase their click per second speed from 5 clicks per second to 16 clicks per second. They use techniques like the butterfly and the jitter technique.

Using CPS Test:

The best way to test your clicks speed is by giving a cps test. Once you’ll know your cps speed then you’ll be able to increase it by practicing. Beginners can click 5 to 6 times in a second which is very low. Pros can click 16 or more times in seconds which is very high and requires a lot of skills and practice to gain this speed. One should also have a gaming mouse as well.

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