Drag Click Test – Fastest Clicking Technique

Drag click test is done by dragging your fingers on the mouse, which generates more clicks. The more you practice, the better you get at drag-clicking. This type of clicking is best when it comes to having a fast clicking speed.

What is Drag Click Test?

Drag click test is a clicking technique like Kohi Click test used by gamers who want to increase their CPS, which is click per second speed. In gaming, having a high clicking speed is very important because a fast clicking speed provides you with an advantage over your opponent while playing in PVP.


It is thought to be the best method of clicking. Even so, it can shorten the lifespan of your mouse, whether you use a gaming mouse or a regular mouse.

How to do Drag Clicking on any mouse?

Drag clicking is a simple clicking technique that increases the clicking speed of gamers.

To drag-click gamers should follow these simple steps.

    First, make sure your hands are dry and the mouse surface is free of moisture. By this, you will get extra friction, which will increase clicks.
    Second, when Drag-Clicking, hold your hand gently and avoid using too much force on the mouse.
    Press the mouse button at an angle that feels natural in your hand, then begin pressing the mouse button downward.
    Once you hear the grinding sound of the mouse, then you can say that you’ve learned to drag clicking.

Which mouse is best for the drag click test?

It seems simple, but it’s hard to do. It demands to practise and some specific devices. A gaming mouse is considered the best drag clicking mouse. Gaming mice are designed in a specific way to support comfortability on hand and give better space. Drag-click is hard to do with office mice. They are designed to perform everyday tasks that require low numbers of clicks, but these mice are designed to support high numbers of clicks.

Gaming mice are expensive. As a result, when purchasing a gaming mouse, we must ensure that we are purchasing the best product that meets all of our needs. Otherwise, one will only waste money.

Three Best Mouse for Drag Click test:


The ROCCAT KONE AIMO is regarded as the best gaming drag click mouse because of its dragging support and design. It has a 16K senor which increases the response time of the mouse and provides more stability. Its build quality is also very high.

ROCCAT KONE AIMO Drag clicking mouse

The disadvantage to it is that it’s very expensive, which makes it hard to afford.


Because of its design and stability, the LOGITECH G303 DAEDALUS APEX is also considered ideal for a drag click mouse. It provides you with multiple programming buttons, which provides a great advantage to gamers while playing the games in multiple player moods. The gamer will be able to drag fast and will be able to click more easily.

LOGITECH G303 DAEDALUS APEX Drag Clicking mouse

The disadvantage to the mouse is that it’s too heavy and can be hard to handle.


Because the Glorious Model O is a lightweight design, this mouse is also considered the best for drag click test. This mouse will give a gamer the advantage of being able to move the mouse fast, increase the clicking speed, and make it easy to drag.

GLORIOUS MODEL O Drag Clicking mouse

The disadvantage to this mouse is that it is difficult to clean and it does not support durability.

How to drag click with tape?

If your mouse does not have a good surface texture for drag clicking, you can use tape to create a draggable surface. First, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Make sure they aren’t sweaty or oily, as this will affect the tape’s sticking ability. Cut a piece of tape that is big enough to cover the entire mouse surface. Stick the tape to the mouse and make sure it is flat and in contact with the surface. You may need to adjust the position of the tape until it is perfectly flat. 

Now you are ready to drag click! You should now have a feel for how to control the mouse. Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you use the mouse, the better you will become at controlling it. Now that you know how to control the mouse, try out some of our other activities that require more mouse skills.

How to drag click without tape?

Drag clicking without tape is a normal way of clicking on objects with your mouse cursor by moving the cursor while you click. This allows you to drag and drop items, or select multiple items more easily. It can also be used for gaming purposes, as it can help you drag and shoot enemies more accurately. To drag click without tape, follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them, making sure they aren’t sweaty or oily.
  • Move your mouse cursor over the object you want to click on.
  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor across the object.
  • Release the mouse button to click on the object.

Experiment with different techniques and surfaces until you find a drag-clicking method that works best for you.

Disadvantages of Drag Clicking:

Drag-clicking is not as simple as it seems. It is done by dragging your finger on the mouse, which results in friction between the finger and the surface of the mouse and generates more clicks. That is why it reduces the life of the mouse and can also break your mouse. So gamers find it difficult to afford it. It also harms your hand, which is not good for your physical health.

Can drag clicking break your mouse?

Yes, drag-clicking can break your mouse and it can reduce the life duration of your mouse. Friction between your hand and the mouse surface will cause damage to the mouse. Continuously clicking the mouse button will also cause damage to the mouse. In the end, the mouse will be broken and its life duration will be reduced.

Which mouse is less breakable by drag clicking?

Only a few mice can support drag-click. If you try to perform it on an ordinary mouse, there are chances of breaking the mouse or hurting your hand. That’s why gamers should use a gaming mouse for drag-clicking.

Is it worth breaking your mouse?

Drag click tests can boost your clicks to a high number of clicks per second, which also increases your chances of winning the game. So we can say that if you want to have a high CPS, then you can drag-click, but at the same time, you will break your mouse or its life duration will be decreased.

How long can a mouse survive the drag click test?

Drag clicking causes the mouse to break and shortens its lifespan. The time a mouse can survive a drag-click depends on which type of mouse you use. If you’re using a gaming mouse then it will last about 6 months. The way you use the mouse and the time you spend it will also affect the lifetime of the mouse.

What are The Best Tapes For Drag Clicking?

The best tapes for drag clicking are typically high-tack vinyl tapes. These tapes have high adhesion to surfaces and are capable of withstanding repeated drag clicks. The downside to these tapes is that they can be difficult to remove if you want to change your click pattern.

Some people prefer to use low-tack vinyl tapes for drag clicking. These tapes have a lower adhesion to surfaces and are easier to remove if you want to change your click pattern. However, they may not be able to withstand as many drag clicks as high-tack vinyl tapes.

There are many types of high-tack vinyl tapes available on the market. Some of the most popular brands include:

  1. Silicone Grip Tape
  2. Razer Tape
  3. Electric Tape
  4. 3M High-Tack Vinyl Tape
  5. Gorilla Tape
  6. Duct Tape

1. Silicone Grip Tape:

The first is the silicone grip tape. It worked really well for us and we were able to increase our clicking speed by 2 clicks per second. The downside is that it is more expensive than electric tape.

Silicone Grip Tape for Drag Click Test

Drag clicking with Silicone Grip Tape is a method for improving your mouse speed and accuracy. You can use this method to keep your mouse still while only moving your hand, allowing you to click faster and more accurately.

Drag-clicking may be enhanced by using silicone grip tape on your mouse. This will also assist you in keeping your mouse firmly in place while also increasing precision.

2. Razer Tape:

The second type of tape is Razer Tape. It’s more expensive than silicone grip tape, but it also saw good results with an increase in 1.5 – 2 clicks per second. However, the drawback is that it’s mouse dependent, meaning you have to use a Razer mouse in order to get the best results. 

Razer Mouse Grip Tape for Drag Click Test

Razer tape is a special type of tape that is designed to increase mouse speed and accuracy. It is applied to the mouse buttons and allows the user to “drag click” more easily. This means that you can click and drag an item without having to lift your finger off the button. Razer tape can also help to increase your clicking speed, making it easier to navigate through menus and applications.

3. Electric Tape:

The third type of tape is an electric tape, which is a more affordable option and saw an increase in 1.5 clicks per second when used for drag clicking.

Electric Tape for Drag Click Test

The use of electric tape can help to improve your drag clicking speed. By attaching a small piece of electric tape to your mouse button, you create a more pronounced surface for your finger to click on. This can help to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a drag click and can increase your overall clicking speed.

4. High-tack 3M Vinyl Tape:

3M high-tack vinyl tape can help with drag clicking by providing more friction between the mouse and surface, which results in a more consistent drag motion and increased clicking speed. This can be especially useful in games where speed is a factor, such as racing or action games.

High-tack 3M Vinyl Tape for Drag Click Test

3M high-tack vinyl tape can also help with other types of clicking, such as double clicking. This is because the increased friction makes it easier to keep the mouse cursor in place for the second click. This can be helpful in situations where accuracy is important, such as when selecting small targets.

Overall, 3M high-tack vinyl tape can help improve your clicking speed and accuracy, which can be beneficial in a variety of situations. If you are having trouble with drag clicking or other types of clicking, give it a try!

5. Gorilla Tape:

Gorilla tape is known to help with drag clicking and increase clicking speed. When using gorilla tape, it is important to make sure the surface is clean and dry. The tape should also be applied in a single layer.

Gorilla Tape for Drag Click Test

If the tape is applied in multiple layers, it will not be as effective. It is also important to avoid using too much tape, as this can cause the button to become less responsive. Gorilla tape is also a great option for those who want to improve their clicking speed and accuracy.

6. Duct Tape:

You can also use duct tape to attach the right mouse button to the mouse pad so that you can use both hands to click on objects.

Duct Tape for Drag Click Test

This will help to increase your clicking speed as you will be able to use both hands to click on objects. The number of clicks per second that can be achieved with Duct tape can vary depending on the person. However, it is typically known to provide a significant increase in speed and accuracy.


Experiment with different brands and find the one that works best for you. When choosing a tape, make sure to choose one that is the right size for your mouse. If the tape is too large, it will make it difficult to click accurately. If the tape is too small, it may not be able to withstand the force of your drag clicks. Once you’ve found the perfect tape, it’s time to start drag clicking!

The goal is to click as quickly and accurately as possible. Start by practicing on a flat surface such as a table or desk. Once you get the hang of it, try clicking on different surfaces such as walls or doors. As you become more proficient at drag clicking, you can start to click faster and harder with practice. Drag clicking is the fastest method to improve your accuracy and speed in games.