What is Butterfly Clicking Test?

Butterfly clicking is a clicking technique that increases your clicking speed and the number of clicks per second.

Butterfly clicking is an advanced click per second technique that gamers use to get a high number of clicks. It involves two fingers: the middle finger and the index finger. You have to press the mouse button with both fingers alternatively, which results in a high number of clicks. It can increase your clicking speed score up to 16 clicks per second.

How to do butterfly clicking? step by step Guide

  • In the first step, you have to visit Onlinetesterguru.com, make sure to use a stable and secure site to protect your data.
  • After opening the site, you have to select Butterfly Clicking on the header menu.
  • There are a few time variations you can select one of them which you want.
  • After selecting the time variation you can click the testing area.
  • Now you have to press the mouse button with both fingers alternatively as fast as you can.
  • When the time will end, in the pop-up window you can check your Rank, Butterfly CPS score and the number of clicks.
  • You can retake this test by just clicking on the Try Again button to improve your clicking speed.

How to Improve Butterfly Clicking

There are numerous methods for increasing butterfly clicking. Every technique demands practice and time. The more you spend your time practising it, the better you will get at it.

butterfly clicking

By Using CPS Tester: OnlineTesterGuru.com

Players can improve their butterfly clicking skills by using the CPS Tester. By this, they will keep a record of their improvement and will be able to practise more and improve their clicking speed.

Using a gaming mouse

Gamers can improve their butterfly clicking skills by using a gaming mouse because a gaming mouse provides more space for the hand, so it can click buttons alternatively more easily.

Is Butterfly Click Bad for Your Health?

Yes, butterfly clicking can be harmful to your health to some extent. It can cause arthritis due to the friction between the fingers. To avoid any injuries, gamers should give pause when using this clicking. You can relax your muscles by resting your fingers.

Is Butterfly Clicking allowed in Hypixel?

As we all know, butterfly clicking is explicitly forbidden on hypixel and MMC. That’s why we can say that this clicking is considered cheating. Gamers can use it at their own risk because some games consider it cheating.

Is Butterfly Click Cheating?

Butterfly clicking is not considered cheating because it’s a technique, not an auto-clicker tool. Some gamers can get banned for excess of this clicking if their cps is 30 clicks per second. Because it’s hard to tell the difference between a butterfly and a macro auto-clicker.

What is the average CPS in this Clicking test?

In butterfly clicking, 15-25 CPS is considered an average clicks per second. Gamers can go up to 25 cps if they practise and use a gaming mouse.

What is the fastest CPS in this Click test?

The fastest time in butterfly clicking is 1051 clicks in 10 seconds, a world record held by Dylan Allerd.

Why Butterfly Clicking Better Than Jitter Clicking?

Butterfly clicking is better than jitter clicking because jitter involves the forearm whereas butterfly click just involves alternative clicking of two fingers of the hand. Jitter takes longer than butterfly which is also a reason that butterfly is considered better than jitter.

Pros and Cons:


Butterfly clicking is considered the most advance and fast clicking technique which can give 16 clicks per second, clicks to a new gamer.

It’s easy to adopt and implement, you can learn it easily in a few mins.

It can be done by any mouse available.


It’s considered a cheat by some websites and can get you banned from the game.

It can reduce the lifetime of your mouse and can also damage it.

It can harm your hand if you do butterfly clicking for a long time without any pause.

Which Mouse Is Best For Butterfly Click?

Razer Naga Trinity Mouse is considered the best gaming mouse for butterfly clicking, because of its customization and better grip and it provides more surface so gamers can easily click. Its response time is high and it can also click faster than the ordinary gaming mouse.

Is Butterfly Clicking Banned?

No, butterfly clicking is not banned because it’s not a cheat or auto-clicking tool. It can still let you get banned from games because some website takes it as an auto clicker when your cps goes higher than 30 clicks per second.