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An auto clicker is a type of software or macro that automates mouse clicking. The auto clicker clicks faster than the average speed of a gamer. They generate continuous clicks in games without user interference. A click is generated from previous inputs or by setting the software to click accordingly as the gamer wants. Some cheaters use this auto clicker software in CPS Test to get a high CPS score.

10 Best Auto Clicker Softwares:

  1. Free Auto Clicker
  2. Auto Mouse Click
  3. GS Auto Clicker
  4. Perfect Automation
  5. Free Mouse Clicker
  6. Auto Clicker Typer
  7. OP Clicker (OP auto)
  8. Mac Auto Clicker 1.1
  9. Speed Auto Clicker
  10. Roblox Auto Clicker

1. Free Auto Clicker

Free auto clicker is considered the best when it comes to auto clicks software. One of the reasons is that it’s free and it’s available for both Mac and Windows. Gamers use this software a lot, and it is popular when it comes to the best free auto clickers


                    Efficiency – When it comes to auto clickers, you must be certain of the software’s speed. It has to be fast, reliable, and easy to use. Because it provides quick clicks, a free auto clicker is regarded as one of the best.

                   International – This software is used all over the world and is extremely popular in the gaming community. Its benefit is that if your opponent uses it, then you will have equal chances of winning the game.

                  Free to use – One of the most important aspects of the free auto-clicker is that it is available to everyone, which is why gamers all over the world use it.


  • Easy to understand because the interface of the free auto clicker is simple.
  • Safe, free auto clicker is safe to use because it does not use any malware.
  • It’s free software you don’t have to pay any fee or registration to use it.


  • There are bugs in the software.
  • It can be detected by games and websites and can be blocked.

2- Auto Mouse Click

Auto mouse clicking is only used to create automated mouse clicks; it does not support keyboard automation or other features that are supported by others’ best auto clicking software. The best thing about auto-mouse click is that it can generate high numbers of clicks.

An auto mouse click is unique in a way when it comes to clicking on a specific location. Games can decide the location of clicks, and an auto mouse click will generate the clicks for that specific location. This technique is really useful when it comes to playing Minecraft, where you have to click in a specific location. Click as fast as you can and click in a circle or any other move. An auto mouse click can be really helpful when you want to generate auto clicks in a specific location.


  • Fastest auto click generator.
  • Support keyboard automation


  • Can be hard to use.
  • It can be detected by some websites.

3. GS Auto Clicker

The GS (Golden Soft) auto clicker is one of the best on the market. It’s considered one of the best because of its features.


                    Hotkey – You can use this software to generate automated clicks in the game by selecting a hotkey. With this, gamers will be able to use auto click quickly.

                    Recording – It will record your response as well as the sequence of clicks you made during the game. Whenever you have to use that sequence again, you can just use an already recorded click recording.

                   Customization – It allows you to customize the software to increase the number of auto-clicks based on hours, minutes, or milliseconds. This software doesn’t have as many customizations as a free auto clicker.


  • Simple to use because of its easy interface.
  • Free of cost.


  • It can be hung in heavy games. it’s not as advanced as others.

4. Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is like an all-in-one that includes many other features to support gamers while playing games other than auto-clicking.

This is widely rich when it comes to holding a variety of features, and that is why it is considered one of the best auto-clickers.


                    Mouse and keyboard recording– The feature that distinguishes this perfect automation is the ability to record both keyboard and mouse movements. With these features, gamers can record commands or move and use them when they want with a hotkey. This will save gamers time and make it easy for gamers to win the game.

                    Script editor – Perfect automation also provides an option of script editor by which gamers can automate any task and create executable files and allow gamers to add their commands.                   

Scheduler – Perfect automation also gives a scheduler that can execute a program at a specific time. Through this games can schedule their work and automate the predefine programs gamers use every day to start them.


  • A simple gamer with no programming know-how can use it.
  • It can create standalone files of your scripts which you can use later.
  • Keeps the record of mouse clicks.


  • It can create confusion because of its features.

5. Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker is free and simple auto clicking software that is just made to generate auto clicks.


                    Simplicity – This tool is only intended to generate auto clicks; it is simple to use and small in size, making its execution quick and reliable. It’s not like those tools that come with extra features that make them easy to install in low storage space.

                     Customization – Gamers can tailor it to their specific requirements. There is not so much customization in it because it is a simple auto clicking software. But it is best when it comes to customizing the clicking button. Gamers can choose whether they want to be a left or right button, or whether they want a single click or double click.

                     Perfection – This tool is small in size, which makes it easy to use and execute, because of its size. A red dot on the screen tells you where it is auto-clicking.


  • It’s free of cost and does not require any registration.
  • Less storage space.
  • It has many time intervals.


  • It does not schedule mouse clicks by the user.
  • You can only click on a single set point.

6 – Auto Clicker Typer

Auto-Clicker is a simple, tool-free auto clicker tower, much like the other software on the list. It is considered the best because it can record clicks and can also record all the actions of the gamers while playing the game.


                    Record button – This tool provides you with a record button on the top-left side through which you can record clicks as well as perform other actions. Through this, gamers can save plenty of time and focus on the game.

                    Loop – This tool can record your actions and can repeat them in a loop. It’s the uniqueness of this tool. whereas other tools don’t provide this feature. You can run the clicks in a loop and other gaming actions too.

                    Customization – This tool also includes the ability to customize it based on the needs of the gamer. Gamers can also customize the hotkey and decide the length of the delay time in milliseconds.


  • Easy to use, as it has an easy interface.
  • free of cost, it’s free to use.
  • Its size is small which consumes low disk space.


  • It can be considered malware by some anti-virus software.
  • You have to learn how to sequence the hotkey.

7 – OP Auto Clicker (OP auto)

                                  Op Auto Clicker is one of the best auto-clicking tools. It comes with many features that are not available in other auto-clicking tools.

OP Auto clicker


                    Two modes – This tool has two click modes for gamers. They can choose to generate clicks on a specific point, or they can pre-describe the location to generate the clicks on. This feature will give gamers a chance to increase their accuracy while playing the game.

                    Control clicks – Gamers can control the number of clicks generated by auto-clickers.Gamers can set the maximum and minimum numbers of clicks that they want to receive. Through this, gamers can have more control over the game.

                    Customization – Gamers can choose whether to use the right or left button as a hotkey, as well as whether to use a single or double key.


  • Simple easy interface.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • It’s safe because of no malware


  • Some games and websites can detect this software and can ban you.

8. Mac Auto Clicker

Mac auto clicker is a powerful auto-clicking tool to generate clicks, it can save time and generate fast clicks than gamers can. The uniqueness of this tool is that it can create legitimately auto clicks. And can trick the click counter by changing the informatics.

When it comes to Mac there are not so many options, Mac auto clicker provides a realistic simulation of mouse clicks and generates auto clicks. It is safe and easy to use. Its purpose is to generate auto clicks and its stable because it doesn’t come with other features and takes less space which makes it fast when playing games.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • Safe because it doesn’t have malware.
  • Create realistic auto clicks.


  • Only support the ISO system.
  • Can be hard to use by some gamers.

9. Speed Auto Clicker

Speed auto clicker is the fastest auto clicking software. This software has recorded a clicking speed of 50000 clicks per second.

If you’re playing a game like Minecraft and call of duty where cps is important and as fast you will click the more you will score. Speed auto clicker is just a simple auto clicks generating software and the most unique thing about it is that its the fastest auto clicks generating software. Which makes it preferable while playing Minecraft.

You can set a timer till you want to generate clicks, this will provide you stability and control over the game.

There are two clicking moods in this clicker.

1: Hold Mode:

                        In this mood, auto clicks will be generated until you press the activation key.

2: Toggle Mode:

                            In this mode, when you press the activation key, auto clicks will start generating until you don’t press the activation key again.


  • Hold a record of the highest numbers of auto clicks generated.
  • Have two modes to auto clicks.
  • Timer for auto clicks.


  • Can be detected by some games and websites and you can be banned.

10. Roblox Auto Clicker

                                            Roblox auto clicker is just like other auto clicking software that generates auto clicks in the game. It is both supported for android and IOS. the interesting thing about the Roblox auto clicking software is that gamers can be online in the game while even not sitting there or playing the game.

Games like Roblox require high cps where the winning of the game depends on how fast you can click while playing the game. Roblox auto clicker will generate auto clicks for you and increase the chances of your winning the game.

It’s a simple auto clicker you can easily download and install. It’s also easy to use and simple to install. It only provides a few features and its main feature is to generate auto clicks. Which makes it fast and takes less space.


  • Takes less space to install.
  • Fast response time.


  • Can be detected by websites and games.

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