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Welcome to OnlineTesterGuru.com – Clicks per second

I’m a proud owner of this tool based website. Basically, I’m a gamer and I play different types of online games. While playing Minecraft a few years ago, I noticed that my opponents easily beat me because they have a faster clicking speed than me. That day, I decided I’d also increase my clicking speed, so I searched online to see if there was any website or application on which I could practice, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m a software engineer by profession, so I decided to develop my own clicking tool so that everyone can take advantage of it. So, after a few months of struggle, I developed the Clicks Per Second tool and showed it to my friends. My friends are also gamers, so they practiced on it, and when I got a positive response from them, I made the decision to make a website, Onlinetesterguru.com, and upload this tool on it so that everyone can take advantage of it.

How many CPS test are available?

We have a variety of clicks per second tests available, like:

CPS Test

Kohi Click Test

Jitter Click Test

Drag Click Test

Butterfly Clicking Test

Try these different techniques for your clicks per second improvement.