Cps Test – Clicking Speed Test

What is CPS Test?

CPS stands for “click per second.” This CPS test calculates how fast you can mouse click in a given timeframe. It calculates your click speed at any particular time, sets a record for others, and if anyone can beat your score, then he will be the clicking speed test champion.

There is no age limit for playing this clicker test ​fun game to occupy your free time. If you are a gamer and want to increase your clicking speed to become a pro gamer, then you must practice on this cps tester to increase your clicks per second for clicking games.

Share your speed clicking test score with your friends on social networks, invite them to play this exciting clicking test game, break your record, and become a CPS test winner.

How To Calculate CPS Test – Click Per Second?

Our goal is to check how fast we click in a given time period. For this, we have the formula to calculate the CPS score, which is: the total number of clicks divided by the total time in seconds we took for clicking.

Click per Second (CPS) = Total number of clicks / Total number of seconds

Now the point is, there are a variety of time periods for this test, like a 1-second test, a 3-second test, a 5-second test, a 10-second test, etc.

So Which Number Of Seconds We Should Select To Get An Accurate CPS Score?

According to the experts, if we calculate our CPS score in 5 to 10 seconds, then there are more chances to get our best clicks per second score. If we test our score above 10 seconds, then the frequency of clicks may be reduced, and we couldn’t get our accurate score due to continually tapping the mouse button.

Features of OnlineTesterGuru.com – CPS Tester

  • User-Friendly interface : When you open this site, you will feel that the site is eye-catching. The load time of this site is very fast. Even if you are new to such testing games, you will easily understand and use this clicking game. This website is responsive for mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet devices.
  • Various Timeframes And Variations : This site allows you to practice your speed click test on various timeframes, such as a 1-second test, 3-second test, 5-second test, 10-second test, 60-second test (one-minute test), and 100-second test.
  • Secure And Safe CPS Test : This website is completely safe for its visitors. You will feel secure here as compared to any other cps tester.
  • Unlimited Chances For Practice : This click tester allows its users to have unlimited chances for practice so that they can get the benefit of it and increase their clicking speed.
  • 100% Mobile Friendly And Social Sharing : The best part about this game is that you can use it on your mobile phone. It is easier to use this cps game on your mobile and take advantage of it by enhancing your clicking test speed. You can challenge your friends and ask them to beat your record by sharing it on social networks.

What is CPS in Minecraft PvP?

In Minecraft PvP, one of the biggest requirements is frequently clicking the mouse button to attack your opponent while maintaining aim for the target. Clicking speed is necessary for a combination of hits, which means you need to hit the target again before he hits you back. Hence, CPS in Minecraft gives a boost and a victory.

CPS in Minecraft PvP varies in 3 categories:

  • If you’re clicking at the speed of 1-3 CPS, then you’re considered slow in Minecraft PvP, and you may not be able to convert the hits into combinations.
  • If your clicking speed is 4-7 CPS, then it is the ideal cps counter to hit combinations and knock down the opponent.
  • According to the experts, if you have more than 8 CPS, then your hands will be shaky, and you will not be able to maintain your aim and movement.

Pros And Cons of CPS Test Games:

Have you ever thought, about why is the Clicking test Important? How can CPS Test play a vital role in our life?

CPS is also very important from a gaming point of view. Every player wants high clicking speed to beat his opponent and get a victory. By practicing the CPS test, you can learn how to speed up the click counter while maintaining aim. When you have a high clicking speed, you can easily beat your opponent in every PvP game.

Suppose you have a bad day in your daily life routine like office stress, relationship headache, or anger on anything. Just open this speed clicking game, start tapping several times on the mouse clicker, and start releasing your frustration by increasing the speed of the click counter. I’m sure you will feel at peace and come up with the best solution to your problems. Sometimes, rude behavior can ruin a job, relationship, or life, so these clicking games play a vital role in life.


  • Fast finger movement increases the clicking speed
  • A better CPS score increases the chances of beating your opposition in clicking games like Minecraft PVP
  • CPS test can release stress, frustration, anxiety, and anger
  • Cpstester kills the dullness and provides freshness


  • Internet fluctuation can create problems in the accuracy of the result

What is A Good CPS?

Now the point is, which CPS is considered a good score? Normally, everyone can click at a 3-6 CPS speed without any practice, and 3-6 CPS is considered an average clicking speed. If you do some practice and manage to click 7-9 CPS, then it is considered a good CPS.

We have discussed four clicking techniques and their average CPS scores. These are as follows:

Regular Clicking

Regular clicking is clear from his own words: clicking a regular mouse button for opening a folder or clicking for any computer task. It is also called “Normal clicking.” The average CPS score of regular clinking is 3-6 clicks per second. If you do some practice and improve your CPS score to 7-9 clicks per second, then 7-9 CPS is considered a good CPS for regular clicking.


  • The use of regular clicking in games means you can maintain good aim on the target while clicking (shooting).


  • Your CPS score is not so high as compared to other clicking techniques.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is a modified form of regular clinking. In this way, we can get better CPS scores than the regular clinking, almost double of it.

The first way of jitter click is quite the same as regular clicking but higher in speed: clicking the mouse button with your index finger at a really fast speed. The second way is to press the mouse button with the vibration of the arm muscles towards the hand. Jitter clicking is really hard, but you can get 10-14 CPS depending on the practice. In Jitter clicking, 10-14 CPS is considered a good click per second score.


  • Jitter clicking can help us in every PVP game like Minecraft to take down our opponents.
  • Jitter clicking can release our frustration.


  • Jitter clicking can be very dangerous for our health if we continuously play it for more than 15-30 seconds.

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking is a very effective and modified technique for improving clicking speed. In this technique, we use our index and middle fingers. We need to tap both buttons of the mouse with both fingers alternatively. If you maintain the frequency of alternative clicks with your two fingers, sometimes the CPS tester counts it three or four times with just a pair of clicks with both fingers. With good practice, we can get a 15–25 CPS score, and in butterfly clicking, 15–25 CPS is considered a good clicks per second score.


  • Butterfly clicking is the best technique to increase the speed of clicking. It helps in gaming.
  • This technique makes you happy, and you will enjoy this method.


  • Excessive use of anything can create problems, so avoid excessive butterfly clicking.

Drag Clicking

Drag Click test is also called “Tap clicking” or Fazer clicking.” It is the most advanced clicking method for getting a high CPS score. In this technique, we drag our fingers across the right or left button of the mouse to create friction between the fingers, and the mouse button. When we repeat this process, then we can get above 25-100 CPS. In drag clicking, 32 CPS is considered a good clicks per second.

How To Drag click?

For drag clicking, we have to set our hands in the proper position, like:

  • Support the right side of the mouse with the help of our pinky and ring finger.
  • Support the left side of the mouse with the help of our thumb.
  • Place the index finger on the left mouse button.
  • Place the middle finger on the right mouse button.

Now click the mouse button downward continuously, and at the same time, you can cross-check whether it is clicking or not. If you frequently feel the vibration of mouse clicks, then you’re doing it right.

If you want a higher CPS score by drag clicking, then you must use the best mouse. Best mouse in a way that you have a strong grip on that mouse and your fingers are in a good position on the mouse.


  • Drag-clicking will provide you with a higher CPS score as compared to any other technique.
  • It is helpful in any PvP game.


  • It is not good for the mouse itself because, by applying this technique, the life of the mouse is shortened.

World Record Fastest CPS Test Scores

The fastest CPS in 1 second is 16.

There are many gamers who got 16 CPS in 1 second.

The fastest CPS in 3 seconds is 19 (57 clicks).

Roko Skrabl holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 3 seconds.

The fastest CPS in 5 seconds is 20 (100 clicks). Jovelyn holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 5 seconds.

The fastest CPS in 10 seconds is 23.9 (239 clicks). Yukang Jiang holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 10 seconds.

The fastest CPS in 15 seconds is 18.6 (279 clicks). Gobstoppa holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 15 seconds.

The fastest CPS in 30 seconds is 16.6 (497 clicks). xCozmicNinja holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 30 seconds.

The fastest CPS in a minute is 13.7 (782 clicks). xCozmicNinja holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 60 seconds or in one minute.

The fastest CPS in 100 seconds is 13.0 (1301 clicks).

xCozmicNinja holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 100 seconds.

The fastest CPS in 180 seconds is 13.7 (2459 clicks). xCozmicNinja holds the world record for the fastest CPS in 180 seconds aka Marathon.

Average CPS Test Scores

The average cps in 1 second is 6.91 clicks per second.

The average cps in 3 seconds is 6.81 clicks per second.

The average cps in 5 seconds is 6.74 clicks per second.

The average cps in 10 seconds is 6.66 clicks per second.

The average cps in 15 seconds is 6.51 clicks per second.

The average cps in 30 seconds is 6.42 clicks per second.

The average cps in 60 seconds is 6.30 clicks per second.

The average cps in 100 seconds is 6.19 clicks per second.

The average CPS in 180 seconds is 5.70 clicks per second.